The beaches of the world

Love Beach, Mexico

This place with a romantic name is also known as "Hidden beach". It is located on a small island and hides inside the rocks. The walls of the cave block the sandy beach from the outside world, but the open top in the form of a large oval lets in bright sunlight. To get to this unique place, you need to rent a boat and swim under the arch from the vaults of the cave. The journey takes about 45 minutes. And for those who are still looking for simpler options, there are special tours.

You can get to the unusual little Bay beach in two ways: either by boat or ferry, or go down from the rock

Despite the difficulty of the road, travelers are increasingly finding the island of Anguilla to admire the wild beach with fine white sand and crystal clear water

Hidden among the picturesque rocks of little Bay is a small area, but here you can spend time without getting bored: enjoy the scenery, dive with a mask

White beach (Blanche beach), Morocco

Calm and deserted White beach attracts both lovers of privacy and tranquility, and fans of extreme sports. Getting here is not easy: you need to either rent a boat or go by jeep through the desert and participate in this Safari. The striking contrast between the desert coast and the soft waves impresses even sophisticated travelers. However, sunbathing here is quite dangerous: the scorching sun does not spare the skin, so you should take an umbrella and spend time in the shade.